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Trigonal product range:

Our broking and messaging applications are available as an integrated solution or can be deployed on a stand alone basis. Trigonal's shipbroking solution has been integrated to multiple third party messaging systems. Similarly our messaging solution has been integrated with various third party and inhouse broking systems, offering our clients complete flexibility.

Logo Bullet  Communications:

  • Messaging Solution
  • Company Directory
  • Distribution List Management
  • Information Whiteboard
  • More details

Logo Bullet  Shipbroking Databases and Applications:

  • Vessel Database
  • Position List Application
  • Fixture Database
  • Cargo Orders Whiteboard
  • Sale & Purchase Application
  • Sales & Valuations Database
  • Purchase Enquiries Management Module
  • Ports Module
  • Companies Module
  • More details

Logo Bullet  Post Fixture Management:

  • Voyage and Fixture Management
  • Document Management
  • Claims Management
  • Commission and Freight/Hire Invoicing
  • COA Management
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • More details

Logo Bullet  Commodity Derivatives Solutions:

  • Client Management
  • Trade Authorisation
  • Trade Documentation Generation
  • Invoice Generation
  • Market Data Analysis
  • Price Generation and Tracking
  • More details
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