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Trigonal Messaging Solution

The Trigonal messaging solution is built on Microsoft Outlook, Exchange and SQL Server technologies. Clients continue to have access to all Microsoft Outlook/Exchange features in addition to the functionality of the Trigonal Mail plug-in that we have developed to address the messaging requirements of the Shipping industry.

The Trigonal messaging solution allows for the coexistence of personal and public email folders facilitating both private and departmental level emailing. Folders can be set up as combined directional views or separate incoming and outgoing folder configurations.

The solution is designed to support replication of messages between multiple office locations globally in order to provide a unified view across offices.

The Company Directory is a company wide database of companies, departments and individual contacts. In addition to this a flexible distribution list feature allows for the effective management of client lists. Company Directory contacts can also be synchronised with mobile devices to give access to all contact details whilst on the move.

Messages can be automatically filed in folders using the fully customisable Trigonal Rules module allowing users to pinpoint relevant messages via a wide range of criteria in addition to supporting automatic forwarding to mobile devices and an alerts system. Additionally messages can have keywords assigned either manually or automatically ensuring efficient storage and management of message data.

The solution is designed to store the entire message archive within the database rather than in Exchange. This allows for a very large/long term archive which is instantly accessible.

The Trigonal search interface allows for the fast and effective searching of messages on multiple parameters. Our quick response times are achieved through full text indexing of the body of each message within the clients archive.

Additional features of the solution also include:

  • Unique reference numbers for every Incoming and Outgoing message
  • “Actioned” mechanism to mark messages with the users initials when they have been dealt with
  • “Read By” tracking to see which users have seen the messages
  • Notes field allowing for customised information to be applied against a message
  • “Filing path” against each message to see which folders the message has been copied to
  • Automatic inclusion of departmental headers and footers
  • Optional integration to telephone systems for direct dialling from the Company Directory
  • Integration with the Trigonal Shipbroking Applications

Trigonal Information Whiteboard

Trigonal's Whiteboard application enables the exchanging of text messages and cargo orders between users. All information is held in a database with extensive filtering capability enabling users to quickly filter and view archived information. The Whiteboard application is available as a stand-alone application or integrated with the Shipbroking Suite.

Key features:

  • Cargo Orders and Free text exchange.
  • Information held in a database.
  • Extensive filtering capability.
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