[\Trig"o*nal\, a. Having three angles, or corners; triangular; as, a trigonal stem, one having three prominent longitudinal angles (Webster's 1913 Dictionary)]
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Trigonal Ltd. specialise in the development of database and communications software solutions for the maritime and commodity derivatives industries.

Mar 2015   -   Tanker, LNG and Dry Cargo Operations departments at Affinity Shipping now live on the Trigonal Post Fixture Operations database             Jan 2015   -   Affinity Shipping install the Trigonal pre fixture database across their S&P, Newbuilding, LNG and Research departments             Nov 2014   -   ICAP Shipping Dry Cargo department now live on the Trigonal Mail application across their London, Singapore, Shanghai, Copenhagen and Geneva offices             Nov 2014   -   Newly developed S&P Commission Invoicing module now released handling newbuilding, secondhand sale & demolition contracts            

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